Today is November 15, 2018, does that date sound significant for some reason? If you own land it likely does because the second half of your real estate taxes are due today. Typically homeowners pay a little extra money with their house payment each month and it is put in escrow account. Then the bank or mortgage holder makes the real estate tax payment. Normally with farm land the owner pays the real estate taxes twice a year, even if there is a mortgage on the land.

So, either drop off your real estate payment or be sure to have it mailed and post market today. If you do not get the second half of your farm real estate taxes paid today you will be assessed a late fee. I speak from experience on this! One year I was really busy with harvest, the National FFA Convention and the Farm Broadcasters Convention. I sent the payment two days late and I had to pay the late fee! However, at least I kept my name off the delinquent tax rolls!

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