According to the City of Faribault's Facebook page, in an effort to maintain and increase the life of area roads, the process of sealcoating will take place July 26- August 4.

The city's Facebook page says that "SEALCOATING TO BEGIN: Sealcoating is part of the maintenance program for municipal streets in the City intended to provide an improved driving surface and extend the life of the existing pavement. Areas being sealcoated include 3rd Ave NE, Mott Ave, 5th Ave SE, 1st St SE, Willow Street (from Division to 10th St), Garfield Pl, Reed Ave, Rice St, River Trail Ln, Ravine St (from 3rd to St. Paul Ave), 2nd St NE, State Ave, 9th Ave SE, 10th Ave SE, 2nd St SE, Barron Rd, 11th St SE."

The post goes on to include some FAQ addressing the main components of the project. We've included them below.

1. What is street sealcoating?
Sealcoating is a maintenance activity designed to lengthen the life of the driving surface of the street by applying a thin coat of oil and crushed rock.

2. When will the Street Department be sealcoating our street?
The sealcoating of city streets is scheduled to take place July 26 – August 4, 2017. Because the sealcoating process is weather sensitive, we cannot give you an exact date for your street.

3. How will we know when the sealcoating is to take place?
City street crews will post “No Parking” signs on your street the night before the sealcoating is planned to take place.

4. How long before the loose crushed rock is removed after the sealcoating process?
Loose rock will be swept the day following the sealcoating process. In the event sealcoating is done on Friday, the street would be swept the following Monday. We will then sweep up the rock with the City’s street sweeper.

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