Science says there's a really good reason to warm up the workplace. It's not rocket science, and we've been told this over and over by people we work with. And maybe, now  that the smarty pants in lab coats have stepped in, we can finally turn the damn heat up.

A study was done...

For the study, published today in the journal PLOS One, the researchers...had 543 college students in Berlin take different types of tests in a room set to various temperatures between 61 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit. First, the participants had to answer logic problems...Then, the students were asked to add up two-digit numbers without a calculator. Finally, they had to form German words out of the letter scramble ADEHINRSTU. (The Atlantic)

The results? Basically, males performed slightly worse when it was warmer, and females performed MUCH better when it was warmer. So I say, warm it up, Chris!

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