There was a big crowd at the Steele County Free Fair 4-H Livestock Auction Saturday morning as you can see in the picture. The bleachers were full and a lot of people standing in the back. It was great to see so many there bidding and supporting the 4-H program in Steele County. This is about the fifth year in a row the farm economy has been difficult. But yet all those business and individuals were there supporting the 4-H.

Each County 4-H program handles their auction in a way that works for them in terms of how much of the money goes to the individual 4-H member and how much goes to the County 4-H Foundation. However, certain guidelines must be followed under the supervision of the local 4-H Foundation and the University of Minnesota Extension Service. The portion of the funds that goes to the County 4-H Foundation helps pay for Minnesota State Fair trips, Leadership Camps and other 4-H trips.



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