The Minnesota Department of Agriculture confirmed last week that the emerald ash bore was found in Nicollet and Red Wood counties. This brings the total to 30 counties in Minnesota that have the emerald ash bore. Remember there are 87 counties in Minnesota. The emerald ash bore continues to spread across Minnesota. It appears that it is just a matter of time before all of our beautiful ash trees in Minnesota will disappear? The really sad fact is we could save our ash trees if we all did our part!

The emerald ash bore tunnels under the bark of ash trees feeding on the part of the tree that moves water and nutrients up and down the trunk. The emerald ash bore can only move very short distances on it's own. It moves mostly by people transporting ash firewood and ash material. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has issued emergency quarantines for all the counties that are known to have the emerald ash bore. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is trying to reduce the risk of further spreading of the emerald ash bore.

Brooklyn's Prospect Park Awash In Fall Foliage
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We maybe could save our ash trees in Minnesota if EVERYONE stopped moving ash firewood, ash limbs and other ash material? Maybe citizens do not know it is against the law and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's quarantine or they just don't care? All right, I do have a special interest in saving ash trees too. About 30 years ago Dad and I planted a lot of ash trees for a windbreak at the farm. In addition we took up some line fences and planted a row of ash trees. Sure would be a shame, and a lot of work to have to cut out all those ash trees!


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