The engineers are busy hooking up the necessary equipment so we can make contact with Santa Claus with his Calls To Santa Show. It airs Thursday, December 21 at 5:30PM on AM 1390 KRFO and AM 920 KDHL.

Here's the hotline number for the kids to call in to chat with the jolly old fella (507)-214-1390. He'll be glad to field your child's callers and have them tell Santa what they'd like for Christmas.

Santa's been extra busy this year. A few of his little helpers have been down in the dumps this season and not really putting forth a full time effort in making toys. Santa feels they're suffering from a "lack of elf esteem". St. Nick is also working on a movie project. It's about a naughty boy who doesn't believe in Santa. He's tentatively named it "Rebel Without A Claus".

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