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"You know at first I was scared and then my training kicked in and I turned off my emotions and started using my skills and performed CPR on him..."
CREDIT KBJR6 (Click for video link)
CREDIT KBJR6 (Click for video link)

That's Lucas Weme up in Saginaw, Minnesota (about 19 minutes north west of Duluth). He just saved his dad's life and of course, the story is one you have to know. Lucas is a University of Minnesota - Duluth student. He's pre-med, so him saving a life fits into his wheelhouse, but I'll bet he didn't expect to have to do it before he graduated.

According to a story from KBJR6.com, Robert Weme, dad to Lucas, was suffering from a cardiac arrest last week. He'd collapsed on the floor with no pulse and was turning blue. The man needed needed CPR. Lucas had taken EMT training classes in past, and he just got right to it.

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Because of his training, the Weme son knew to use Bystander CPR (scroll down to find out more about that). When bystanders are trained in CPR, the chance of surviving skyrockets.

CREDIT KBJR6 (click to see video)
CREDIT KBJR6 (click to see video)

Dad Robert said he'd been a paramedic for 26 years and knows how important it is...and is incredibly proud of his son and the rest of his family. They all acted exactly like you should when this sort of thing happens.

After his son revived him, dad was in the hospital for a bit, and is now back to enjoying each day.

How Do You Perform CPR?

This Mayo Clinic News Network video explains it, but to get training, click here to find a CPR Class with the Red Cross in Rochester, Minnesota.

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