The Power 96 crew is is headed to Medford this Saturday night during the Straight River Days celebration for the annual Power 96 Rooftop Toss and you're invited to join us!

Power 96 is heading back to Medford for another year of the infamous rooftop toss!  We always have a great time blasting music from the roof and calling in live reports reminding people to join us. When the sun sets, people start showing up in greater numbers to dance to the band Smokescreen as they perform, and hopefully walk away with one of the many prizes that we will be tossing. When Smokescreen takes their first break, the Power 96 crew will be busy throwing tons of prizes to the crowd, and you never know what kind of cool gear you might end up with!

This is a really fun event, and something I have attended almost every year since joining the Power 96 team. We’ll be broadcasting live from the roof, and cranking your classic rock favorites. Come party in the street, and grab a prize when they fall from the sky! We appreciate the Medford Muni once again hosting us for this fun summer event! We are looking forward to it!

Find more information at and join Power 96 on Saturday evening at the street dance!

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