When people think of Grampa's Ole Home Meats in Medford, they think of delicious, amazing Tri-Tips.

Unfortunately, construction closed the business down for a longer period of time than expected, but fear not, the local staple officially reopens tomorrow, though things will work a bit differently.

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As winter approaches, the storefront will only remain open until 5:30 each day. Without street lights, the area gets remarkably dark.

In addition, patrons may want to consider walking shoes when visiting the store, as parking options are a bit limited at the moment.

Upon arrival, station your car at one of these spots:

  • 1st Ave NW ( near the Muni)
  • In the old CJ parking lot ( access from 1st Ave)
  • 1st Street NW
  • 1st Street NE ( near the bank)
  • **Or any other place you find to land to get your tri-tip. **

 Construction in the area began September 20th, and the crew at Grampa's Old Home Meats have been patiently awaiting their reopening date.

 On October 1st, the owners took to Facebook to share their frustration about the construction situation.

"BAD NEWS ….. due to the lack of communication within the contractors and not having a working construction schedule, we have to push back our RE-opening 1 more week! This week our block ( and store access ) will be closed off to all traffic as they HOPEFULLY complete work on the water and sidewalk in front of the store. This is very frustrating for us to have to be closed another week due to engineers and contractors not working within the given schedule. 

Good NEWS….. the guys are rested and ready to be back in the store seeing all our great customers on 10/15!!

Thank you for sticking with us,

We WILL reopen on Friday 10/15 with normal business hours!!"

Clear your Friday schedule and get ready to welcome the business back by stopping in tomorrow!

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