Saturday evening Birds Eye Foods planted my peas with a 40-foot air drill. A seed cart is pulled behind the drill with a fill conveyor on it. They swing the conveyor out and run the peas from a grain truck right into the cart. This sure beats the way I used to plant peas. They would deliver two 15-foot drills with a hitch to pull them side by side. I would have 12,000 pounds of peas on a trailer in 50-pound bags. You opened the bag and dumped them one by one into the drills. Then you had to dispose of all those bags. Isn't progress wonderful?

Soon after the peas are planted they roll the field to firm up the seed bed. This will help the seeds germinate evenly. It is important that all the peas germinate at the same time. Then they will all be at the same maturity for harvest. Growing peas is more of a risk than corn and beans. Peas are much more sensitive to adverse weather. However, if the weather is favorable it can be a very profitable crop to grow.

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