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Thursday was a big day in the Ness Family in Rochester, Minnesota.. Especially for Ronan Ness. He turned 7 and his biggest dream came true. The Rochester Police Department paid a visit to wish him Happy Birthday. But not just one officer...a whole bunch of officers!

I reached out to Ronan's Dad, Adam.

The Ness Family
The Ness Family

So Ronan likes to be Officer Ronan?

He says he likes being "Officer Ronan" so he can help "catch bad guys." His grandma bought him a second police uniform because he wears it so much she was worried it'd wear out! He tickets both his parents and his sister regularly. I thought I might get some leeway since I gave him the ticket book, but Officer Ronan follows the rules.

Adam sent along some photos...you're going to love these, especially the tickets he hands out to every one, real or not, in the family.

'Officer Ronan' Celebrates His 7th Birthday with the Rochester Minnesota Police Department

"Officer Ronan" (Ronan Ness's real name) celebrated his 7th birthday on Thursday, April 22, 2021, and since he loves pretending to be a police officer, his mom and dad lined up a special treat...but, they were only expecting one squad car...see the photos to see how many extra cookies had to be frosted real quick.

Kudos to the Rochester Police Department for taking a few minutes out of their day to make a seven-year-old's day. Being a Law Enforcement Officer is in the Top Ten Jobs kids want to be when they grow up. And we're blessed in Rochester with a fine and responsive department.

Canva Rabe
Canva by Rabe

PS - I shouldn't have to say this...and I probably should put it up at the top since so few people seem to read all the way to the end...the Ness family wasn't making a political statement.

They have a kid that loves playing police, so they got in touch with the RPD, and they made the kid's day magic. It's kind, it's simple, and no matter how what Ronan does with his life, no matter where he lives or what adventures he'll go on, he'll take that memory along with him. Absolute joy doesn't come around often, you gotta grab it and cherish it.

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