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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News)  - Rochester police officers ended up in a physical confrontation with a suspect Saturday evening and one of them was head-butted in the face.

Officers were contacted by a 41-year-old woman who said she had just had an argument with her boyfriend at Costco and decided to walk to a nearby site and called her son for a ride.

Police say the boyfriend showed up and made some threatening comments while holding a baseball bat. After the woman got into her son’s car, she said her boyfriend tried to back into the vehicle. He then began following them after they drove away.

Officers located the man a short while later and he refused to be taken into custody. A police spokesman says a taser was used but had no effect on the man. He was eventually subdued and taken to jail.

Olmsted County ADC
Olmsted County ADC

The man was identified as 43-year-old Damon Russell of Rochester.

Video of the incident posted to TikTok shows Russell confronting four police officers, three of them with tasers drawn. The video appears to show Russell swatting at the taser wire and pulling the darts out of his clothing at least twice before being tackled to the ground by the officers. (warning: music in the video contains profanity)

News update: Man climbs through 3rd-floor bedroom window of Rochester woman's apartment.

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