It's been almost 5 months since Faribault has seen 50-degree weather. 5 MONTHS! But will we finally break that streak this week? It's looking like it!

According to Weather Underground, the last time we were at 50 degrees was November 1st. That's 4 months and 17 days ago. It's time for warmer weather! After this crazy winter we've endured, I think we deserve it.

Thankfully, it appears we will hit 50 degrees later this week! The National Weather Service says we should hit a high of 52 on Friday. About time! How fitting that this is happening just a few days after the first official day of spring.

Let's hope the forecast stays this way, especially since it looks like we have no precipitation all week, too. Fingers crossed! Let's also hope that this warm-up actually stays and we don't get a bizarre blizzard like we did last April.


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