Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn told the County Board of Commissioners today water patrol officers began their duties this past weekend.  Commissioners also discussed architectural proposals for the new Jail and Law Enforcement Center.

The discussion occurred when the commissioners approved acceptance of a $45,000 Boating Safety Supplemental Patrol Grant.

Dunn stated, "I'm expecting a year similar to last with a lot of people out on the lakes.  I hope that the other one (DNR grant) will be significantly larger because it's based on the acmount of activity."

Dunn explained the smaller grant, "Goes towards our part time water patrol for summer enforcement and safety."

The grant was unanimously approved.

Parks and Facilities Director Matthew Verdick requested commissioners approve the acceptance of a proposal from architectural firm Klein McCarthy for construction of the new $49.2 million dollar Jail and Law Enforcement Center.

Verdick explained the vote was to accept the proposals.  One for being the general contractor of the project the other for construction management of the facility, "Over the next two study sessions we'll have a review of what the options are and then the following study session have a more of a discussion with the board and clear direction" (moving forward).  So this is the proposal Klein McCarthy has provided us."

Commissioner Galen Malecha cast the only dissenting vote questioning Verdick what the vote was specifically for.

Verdick replied, "We're not approving either one (of the proposals).  Both options are still on the table.  The next two study sessions we'll have discussions around reviewing our options and then at some point in June we'll possibly move it forward to decide what we want to do for our options.  This doesn't lock us into any direction at all.  This allows us the flexibility to still discuss our options and make our choice at that time."

The Klein McCarthy proposals specify fees based on a percentage of 7.25% times the construction cost for the General Contractor option and 6.9% times the construction cost of the of the final cost estimate for the Construction Manager option.

This is incredible.



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