The Rice County Board of Commissioners today unanimously passed a resolution endorsing a request by the Webster Township Board to ask the State Legislature to combine the township's current two precincts.

District 5 County Commissoner Jeff Docken represents the area and read a resolution proposed by Webster Township.  The resolution states there are currently approximately 1200 registered voters in Webster which is split into separate U.S. Congressional Districts.

Docken said people on the west are in the First U.S. Congressional District, east the Second U.S. Congressional District.  He read the resolution which listed the following reasons for the request.

  • It was one precinct in one Congressional District before 2011 reapportionment.
  • Having two U.S. Congressional Districts, thus two precincts increases the cost of administering elections.
  • The voters in Webster Township have been confused about which precinct they vote in.

Docken added, "If you take a look at the map you can understand why.  It doesn't really follow any particular line.  It's kind of a crazy map."

Webster Precincts Map. Map Provided by Rice County
Webster Precincts Map. Map Provided by Rice County

The resolution concludes:

"Now therefore be it resolved that the Rice County Board of Commissioners hereby support Webster Township's request for the Minnesota State Legislature.  Now therefore let it be further resolved the Rice County Board of Commissioners request the Minnesota State Legislature reapportion the entirety of Webster Township into one Congressional District for the administration of state and federal elections."

Boundaries are determined by the State for U.S. Congressional and State Legislative Districts.  That activity will begin after U.S. Census figures are provided for 2020.

County Boards determine Commissioner Districts. City Councils draw boundaries in cities with members elected to specific Wards.  Some School Boards also have districts according to the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

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