Rice County built the first jail in 1874.  Following numerous escapes the decision was made to replace the facility in 1911.  An upgrade was made in 1972.

Following a 2019 Jail Inspection by the Minnesota Department of Corrections several findings were issued prompting the Rice County Board of Commissioners to be forced to make a decision concerning the jail facility.

In July 2019, DOC gave notice effective November 1, 2019 the Rice County Jail would be reduced to a 90 day lock up facility.  Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn requested an extension from DOC to sunset January 1, 2021, after requesting Jail/LEC study #6 from the County Board of Commissioners.  A second extension was requested so the facility study could be completed.  The extension was granted by DOC until July 1, 2022, with 7 conditions.

  • Renovation and Expansion of the current downtown Faribault site.
  • Renovation and Expansion at the Annex location with Boarding out Inmates
  • Construction of a New LEC/Jail Facility on a green site
  • Talks were Encouraged and Conducted with Steele County for a Joint Regional Jail Authority.

Rice County provided KDHL/POWER 96 Radio with a breakdown of the costs associated with each option.  The summary is included for Rice County Jail/LEC Options.


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