If you have a big family, a small budget, and a desire to be off the grid, I've found the perfect Airbnb for you.

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This wifi-less Airbnb in Southern Minnesota fits 10 people...and honestly, I'm not sure how. It is a log cabin with a loft and many many beds.


The loft and downstairs house two double beds, two single beds, a sofa, and a couch. The downstairs, in addition, has a toddler bed.

Shockingly enough, the Airbnb doesn't look crowded though. In fact, it looks pretty spacious...I hope no one in your group snores though because I fear everyone will hear it.


This Airbnb is currently sitting at $79 a night. Pretty cheap for the charm of the place. The cabin has a functioning antique gas stove and oil lamps.


The only catch is the lack of running water, which yes, means there is no toilet or shower. There is, however, an outhouse on the property, and you receive five gallons of potable ice water and 10 gallons of non-potable water at the start of your stay. Refills are included.

Though it was only built in 2019, rustic describes this place well.

The cabin is seven miles from Lewiston and about twelve miles from Winona, which means quick access to state parks, wineries, and trout fishing. If you're only looking to hang at home-base, you can simply explore the backyard and enjoy the firepit.


Do hurry, May and June weekends are already filling fast!

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