Dennis Luebbe, Rice County Highway Engineer told KDHL AM Minnesota listeners today he's confident construction will take place next year on a six-legged roundabout.

Luebbe says MnDot believes it is the right solution for the I-35, Highway 19 area that suffers delays due to high volumes of traffic.

Tuesday the Rice County Board of Commissioners passed the 10 year Transportation Plan.

In the plan another roundabout is included just north of Lonsdale.

The County Highway Engineer favors the MnDot Highway 3 roundabout coming to 30th street in north Faribault.

I asked if it made sense to have a roundabout at the entrance to an industrial park where scores of semis travel every day.  He said the roundabout will be designed for the big rigs to navigate through the area without waiting for traffice on Highway 3 while the north and southbound traffic won't have to stop either.

The county's new Public Safety Center will be in the area also.  Luebbe says they don't really know at this point how much traffic the facility will generate in the area.

We discussed usage of a percentage of sale tax for road improvements.

You can listen to the podcast of the AM Minnesota program below.

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