Rice County Fair Executive Secretary John Dvorak told KDHL today he did not shed a tear this morning when the old block bathroom building came down.  About 7:00 a.m. the demolition started and was finished and hauled away before I arrived around 10:30 a.m.

Dvorak says the remnants were taken to the Rice County Landfill.  I know he has been trying to find out what year the building was erected.  The newer portion to the west where the women's restroom was located had sewer pipe placement on the Faribault city records of 1965.  No date was found for the older eastern portion.

Rice County workers took down the old bathrooms.  A meeting is being held Wednesday with the architect to go over plans for the new building.

During their September 1. 2020 meeting the Rice County Board of Commissioners approved advertising for bids to replace the over half century old facility.

Parks and Facilities Director Matt Verdick told commissioners in a memo the current bathroom facilities are, "Outdated and do not meet ADA requirements.  The bathroom facilities are not able to accommodate social distancing and do not meet hygiene standards."

The proposed new building will meet Americans with Disabilities Act and hygiene standards he says, "To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19."

Some CARES Act funding is being used to complete the replacement.  The vote was unanimous to advertise for bids in the Fairgrounds Bathroom Renovation Project.  Those bids are scheduled to be opened later this month.

The new facility will be placed on the same site as the old one with 6 stalls, a handicap stall, 3 sinks and a shower in the women's restroom.  The men's restroom will have three separate urinals, 3 stalls, 3 sinks and a mechanical room.

Rice County Fair Bathroom Building Demolition. Photo Provided by Rice County Fair
Rice County Fair Bathroom Building Demolition. Photo Provided by Rice County Fair


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