The Rice County Board of Commissioners met as a Committee of the Whole this morning at the County Government Services Building in Faribault.

Just a couple blocks to the east sits the original Faribault Woolen Mill building actually called the Klemmer Building.  Commissioner Dave Miller recently toured the building with current Woolen Mill co-owner Paul Moody.

Miller reported he was, "super unimpressed" with it's condition.  The building is owned by Rice County.

Miller went on to say, "With a figure of over $500,000 dollars just to shore up the foundation and do some exterior brick work. It makes no economic sense to put anymore money into this building."

The building is part of the downtown historic district on the National Register of Historic Places.  Rice County Historical Society Executive Director Susan Garwood told KDHL the building was constructed in 1895 and designed by Olaf Hanson.

Miller stated, "If we're going to spend taxpayers money on this building I would have a problem with that."

Commissioner Jim Purfeerst added, "The building's lived it's life.  It just isn't feasible to put that kind of money into it.  The Woolen Mills is not interested in it they said.  I think when we look at other alternatives one of them is maybe destroying the building or removing it and make some kind of park there in rememberance of them but at this point after meeting with the Woolen Mills staff and Mr. Moody it's clear that they have no interest in that building."

Miller told his colleagues, "For the record I probably overstepped my bounds.  I tried to negotiate a price with Mr. Moody and I offered it to him for a dollar and he wouldn't take it.  So later I said, how about 50 cents.  He still wouldn't take it so he had a couple opportunities to jump on board but he recognizes it's not very feasible."

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