The Rice County 4-H Livestock Auction begins Saturday morning with a complimentary buyers breakfast at 8:30 in the 4-H building on the Rice County Fairgrounds. The 4-H Livestock Auction begins at 9:15 in the Livestock Show Arena on the Rice County Fairgrounds in Faribault. This is the major fundraiser of the year for the 4-H program in Rice County. It benefits all 4-H members in Rice County, not just those with livestock projects.

In Rice County there is a certain amount from each premium that goes to the 4-H member with the livestock project. Then the rest goes to the Rice County 4-H Foundation. Those funds are used to pay for Minnesota State Fair trips, leadership camps, and other activities for all 4-H members in Rice County. If you are at the Rice County Fair stop in at the 4-H building and look at all the projects 4-H members brought to the fair. They spent a lot of time on those projects too!

There is one major change at the Rice County 4-H Livestock this year. At the end of the auction there will not be any pies this year. In the past they have been very popular but there will be no pies this year. However, many Rice County 4-H Clubs have made many different kinds of projects that will be auctioned off. I will be broadcasting live from the Rice County 4-H Livestock Auction sponsored by: The Rice County Pork Producers, Werner Farm Seeds, Rice County Commissioners, Keller Insurance in Nerstrand, Ag Partners in Morristown, CashWise Foods in Owatonna, Lonsdale Country Market in Lonsdale, and Steele Waseca Coop Electric in Owatonna.

Ten Things Only Minnesotans Over 35 Will Remember About the World Wide Web

The internet machine has been around a lot longer than you might remember,. When you were kids saying PAW so they didn't know you were talking about them, to sending roses to people with the keyboard, it was a lot of fun and seems so innocent now.

Some of the slang is still around because people of a certain age are still using it, but a lot has died off. BRB will never leave us, though. LOL


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