Almost all farmers have purchased crop insurance or enrolled in the USDA Farm Program. That means when we are finished with planting we must report our planted acres of each crop to our local Farm Service Agency office (FSA.) However, all USDA Service Center offices are closed. In addition only 2 USDA staff can be in the office at one time. So, how will we report our planted acres? Well, the USDA has come up with a plan.

The FSA staff will be sending in the mail all of our maps. They can be filled out with the acres in each field and the planting date. Then we can send them back to the FSA office. Also, many farmers myself included have signed up for using email. My maps will be emailed, I can print them, fill them out, and scan them back to my FSA office. Most County FSA offices also have a drop box outside of the office if farmers prefer to drop off the maps.



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