If certified, it would be the 34th 900 series rolled, and the second in Minnesota, according to Bowl.com. Brady Stearns bowled three-straight 300 games, en route to a 900 series Tuesday night at Southway Bowl in St. Cloud!

The last three strikes of his perfect series were caught on camera, and you can check them out courtesy of Andrew Benson's Facebook Page.


I couldn't really believe it when I read it, but I was very impressed with how he executed his shots, even after throwing 33 of them in a row. I remember when I threw my first 300 game, just 12 in a row, and I was shaking in my boots. I can't even begin to fathom how he felt on the lanes.

According to the 11th Frame, there was a couple different videos of Stearns tossing the perfect series.

For those unfamiliar with how difficult it truly is to toss a 900,  there as been only 33 rolled, and then the bowler/series has to be approved by the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) to be recognized as a 900 series. There has been people who have bowled a 900 series, but have not been recognized by the USBC, so they dig their way into many different factors including lane conditions.

The first sanctioned 900 was bowled in 1997, and if this one is recognized by the USBC it would be the third one of the year.

The first one bowling in Minnesota was by Darin Pormije in New Prauge in 2004. Even if it is not recognized by the USBC, 36 strikes in a row is still impressive!

Anybody here been remotely close to a 900 series? I know I have not been. Could you imagine being at the B&B Bowl in Preston, and watching someone throw the final three strikes of not only a perfect game, but a perfect series? That would be insane!

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