A restaurant that opened up a week ago to in-person dining, in opposition to the recent Executive Order from Governor Walz, has started a GoFundMe in order to help with fees and to "help others help stand up to this tyranny" according to the online fundraiser.

Bruce Nielsen, an owner of The Pour House in Clarks Grove, recently started a GoFundMe in the name of raising funds not only for his legal battles with the state of Minnesota after reopening for in-person dining, but for other small businesses that are facing mounting legal fees for doing the same thing.

The GoFundMe has raised around $2,500 in about a day of starting with an end goal of $25,000. The post by Nielsen on the GoFundMe page states:

"We have been unlawfully shut down pending court date......with that being said today 12/22/20 we were just served Cease & Desist Order from the Attorney General. We don't want to ask for help but the fees are starting to add up. We cannot continue to let businesses get crushed from unlawful rhetoric!!!! This isn't just for our Small Business but to help others help stand up to this tyranny!!!! LETS GET ALL OF THESE SMALL BUSINESSES BACK OPEN!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS FREEDOM!!!!" - Bruce Nielsen - Owner of The Pour House

A post to the bar/restaurants Facebook page states that on the "advice of our council [the business] will be temporarily closed until further notice."

The Interchange, in Albert Lea, announced on Facebook this morning they will be OPEN for in-person dining today.

The Interchange received a cease and desist order earlier this week.

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