When the Vikings posted the news about the death of Matt Blair yesterday, I thought of the time I got to meet him. I was pretty excited that I got to talk to one of my favorite Vikings players. I remember him being such a nice man. 

He is also one of the first players I remember being a big fan of as a kid. It's Matt Blair and guys like Chuck Foreman, Scott Studwell, Sammy White, and Ahmad Rashad. And the news of his death was kind of weird timing as I had just hung up my autographed Matt Blair picture on the wall of our new house.

If you're old enough to remember, Blair was a beast. He, along with Studwell, were pure tackling machines. The two players are number one and number two for the Minnesota Vikings when it comes to the most tackles. 


But all those tackles came at a cost. Matt Blair had been suffering from dementia when he died. He was 70 years old. Here's a video of him talking about his condition and his life after football.  

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