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There used to be an adorable but wacky roadside attraction in Faribault, the Tin Family. You may remember them, they were removed not too long ago. They used to be located outside of the Lockerby Shee Metal plant at 217 Mill Street in Faribault. Sadly the plant has closed which is why the Tin Family was removed.

But what happened to the adorable Tin Family, which consisted of a mom, dad, baby, and dog? They have been moved to the Rice County Historical Society and will be put on display.

Many people loved stopping by to see the Tin Family. They were off the road a little bit so it was definitely possible to drive right by them without even noticing. You can take a look at some pictures of the Tin Family on RoadsideAmerica.com's website where they say this roadside attraction is "gone but not forgotten."

And since this family is going to be on display at the Rice County Historical Society, they definitely will not be forgotten any time soon! They are "impressively tall and well-made" but since they have spent their life outside, they are looking a little sad. So the Rice County Historical Society is working on making the Tin Family look good as new before putting them on display.

In a post from May 14th, 2020 on the Rice County Historical Society website they discuss their process for reopening and what their staff had been doing while they were closed during the start of the pandemic. One of the things they were continuing to work on is making the Tin Family look fresh and new!

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