It seems like Father's Day does not get the hype or recognition that Mother's Day does. And moms seem to do better gift-wise: breakfast in bed, flowers, candy, jewelry. And when your son or daughter is on the radio or TV for a sports event, what to they say most of the time? Hi Mom. Dads want a meal, too, and it doesn't have to be in bed. Some cool power tools are always nice. Maybe go to a game.

OK family, enough hints.

The important thing is take time if you can. I lost my dad in 1993. I still miss him a lot, especially when I need help with something like electrical, plumbing or woodworking. I should have paid better attention when I was younger. I was not able to be with my dad when he passed away, and that has always been an issue for me. So if your dad is still around, visit or call; do something to let him know you care on Sunday.


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