Not long ago, I shared a few dates in the area for donating blood and I received word today, that the need for blood donations is still urgent. With the frigid temperatures, and the holiday season here and schedules quickly filling with work, family, and friend obligations, blood donations can take a dip in the winter. Give the gift of life this holiday season by giving the gift of blood. Take a look at these upcoming donation opportunities in our area.

“While many of us gather with friends and family this time of year, patients may spend the holidays in a hospital room,” said Nick Gehrig, communications director for Red Cross Blood Services. “The need for blood doesn’t take a break for the holidays. Please make an appointment to give the most meaningful gift of all – the gift of life through a blood or platelet donation.

Here are some upcoming blood donation opportunities in our area:

Blue Earth County
Lake Crystal
January 9: 12:30-6:30PM, Recreation Center, 621 W. Nathan St.
December 22: 12-5PM, National Guard Training & Community Center, 100 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
December 30: 10AM to 3PM, YMCA, 1401 S. Riverfront Drive
January 12: 12:30-5:30PM, American Red Cross, 105 Homestead Drive
January 13: 9AM to 1PM, American Red Cross, 105 Homestead Drive
Brown County
New Ulm
January 6: 11AM to 5PM, New Ulm Medical Center, 1324 Fifth N.
January 11: 1-7PM, Vogel Fieldhouse, 122 S. Garden St.
January 12: 1-7PM, Vogel Fieldhouse, 122 S. Garden St.
January 13: 8AM to 1PM, Vogel Fieldhouse, 122 S. Garden St.
Sleepy Eye
January 3: 12:30-6:30PM, Orchid Inn, 500 Burnside St. S.E.
Carver County
December 28: 12-6PM, Chanhassen Rec Center, 2310 Coulter Blvd.
January 3: 1-7PM, Living Christ Lutheran Church, 820 Lake Drive
January 7: 9AM to 3PM, Cub Foods, 7900 Market Blvd.
January 11: 9AM to 3PM, Carver County Government Center, 600 E. Fourth St.
Dodge County
Dodge Center
January 5: 1-7PM, American Legion, 401 W. Highway St.
January 6: 11AM to 5PM, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 204 Third Ave. N.E.
Faribault County
January 3: 12-6PM, Shiloh Lutheran Church, 108 E. Jay St.
January 10: 12:30-6:30PM, Community Center, Highway 22
January 3: 12-6PM, Community Center, 140 Main St.
Freeborn County
Albert Lea
December 29: 9AM to 2PM, Mayo Clinic Health System, 404 Fountain St.
December 30: 11AM to 5PM, North Bridge Mall, 2510 Bridge Ave.
January 5: 1-7PM, Salem Lutheran Church, 115 N. Washington Ave.
January 6: 9AM to 2PM, Salem Lutheran Church, 115 North Washington Ave.
January 11: 11AM to 5PM, Thorne Crest Senior Living, 1201 Garfield Ave.
January 4: 12-6PM, Alden Conger High School, 215 N. Broadway
Goodhue County
Red Wing
January 5: 1-7PM, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 320 West Ave.
January 12: 12-6PM, Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, 24036 County 7 Blvd.
December 27: 12-6PM, VFW, 21 E. First St.
Houston County
January 3: 12:30-6:30PM, Four Seasons Community Center, 900 N. Kingston St.
January 10: 1-7PM, St Mary's Church, 202 S. Sheridan St.
La Crescent
December 29: 12-6PM, La Crescent United Methodist Church, 520 Elm St.
January 11: 12-6PM, American Legion, 509 N. Chestnut St.
Spring Grove
January 12: 1-7PM, Fest Building, 110 N. Division
Le Sueur County 
January 11: 12-6PM, St Andrews Catholic Church, 305 Park Ave. N.E.
Le Sueur
January 6: 10AM to 4PM, Minnesota Valley Health Center Inc., 621 S. Fourth St.
December 29: 12-6PM, Tri-City United High School, 700 Fourth St. N.W.
Martin County
January 10: 12:30-5:30PM, American Legion
Mower County
December 27: 11AM to 5 PM, St. Edwards Catholic Church, 2000 Oakland Ave. W
December 29: 9AM to 3PM, Mayo Clinic Health System, 1000 First Drive N.W.
January 5: 1-7PM, Our Saviors Lutheran Church, 1600 W. Oakland Ave.
Grand Meadow
January 4: 1-7PM, Grand Meadow Lutheran Church, 115 First St. N.E.
Le Roy
December 28: 12-6PM, Community Center, 204 W. Main St.
Nicollet County
North Mankato
January 5: 12-6PM, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, 546 Grant Ave.
Rice County
December 27: 2-7PM, Divine Mercy Catholic Church, 139 Mercy Drive
December 30: 11AM to 4PM, Family Video, 712 Fourth St. N.W.
January 4: 9AM to 3PM, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, 900 N.W. Fourth St.
January 9: 12:30-6:30PM, American Legion Post 43, 112 Fifth St. N.E.
January 13: 9AM to 3PM, Hy-Vee, 1920 N.W. Grant St.
December 30: 11AM to 5PM, Community Center, 402 Division St.
December 23: 11AM to 3PM, Eagles Club, 304 Water St. S.
January 6: 10AM to 4PM, Culver's, 960 Highway 3 South
January 14: 8AM to noon, Eagles Club, 304 Water St. S.
Scott County
December 28: 10AM to 4PM, Culver's, 4725 Highway 13 W.
January 3: 11AM to 5PM, SunSource, 12800 Highway 13 S.
January 5: 1-7PM, American Legion, 12375 Princeton Ave.
January 14: 10AM to 4PM, Culver's, 4725 Highway 13 W.
Decemeber 29: 12-6PM, All Saints Senior Living, 1880 Independence Drive
December 29: 12-6PM, VFW, 1201 Third Ave. E.
January 7: 12-5PM, Family Video, 1260 Fourth Ave. E.
Sibley County
December 27: 1-7PM, Community Center, 204 Shamrock Drive
Steele County
December 23: 12-6PM, Trinity Lutheran Church, 108 Third St. S.W.
December 23: 11AM to 5PM, Lowe's, 1280 21st Ave. N.
December 28: 1-7PM, United Methodist Church, 815 E. University St.
December 29: 10AM to 4PM, Famous Dave's, 4355 W. Frontage Road
December 29: 1-7PM, SeniorPlace, 500 Dunnell Drive
January 3: 1-6PM, Trinity Lutheran Church, 609 S. Lincoln Ave.
January 6: 11AM to 5PM, Owatonna Hospital, 2250 26th St. N.W.
January 9: 12-6PM, St Joseph's Church, 512 S. Elm Ave.
January 10: 8AM to 1PM, St Joseph's Church, 512 S. Elm Ave.
Waseca County
January 5: 1-7PM, Faith Lutheran Church, 300 Owen St.
December 22: 8AM to 12PM, Christian Assembly Church, 900 14th Ave. S.E.
Winona County
December 31: 9AM to 1PM, Elks Lodge, 4540 N. Service Drive #327
December 31: 10AM to 3PM, St. Pauls Church, 100 N. Fremont St.
December 23: 9AM to 3PM, Winona FAMILY 'Y', 207 Winona St.
Decmeber 24: 8AM to 1PM, American Legion Post #9, 302 E. Sarnia
December 27: 12-6PM, St. Matthews Lutheran Church, 766 W. Wabasha St.
December 30: 9AM to 3PM, Winona FAMILY 'Y', 207 Winona St.
January 4: 12-6PM, Express Suites River Port Inn, 900 Bruski Drive
January 5: 12-6PM, Wesley United Methodist Church, 114 W. Broadway St.
January 9: 12-6PM, American Legion Post #9, 302 E. Sarnia
January 12: 1-7PM, Central Lutheran Church, 259 W. Wabasha

Donating doesn’t take very long, can make a huge impact for the recipient and there are a lot of opportunities right in our area. In addition to stopping into one of the upcoming blood drives listed, you can get the Red Cross Blood Donor app, go online to, or call (800) RED-CROSS to schedule an appointment or learn more.

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