The Randolph  FFA was named the Premier FFA Livestock Exhibitor at the 2021 Minnesota State Fair for the highest quality of any chapter showing at the state fair. There were 31 Randolph FFA members showing dairy, beef, sheep, goats and swine. In addition two Randolph FFA members competed in the Safe Tractor Operations contest. This is not a first for the Randolph FFA as they also won the award in 2006, 2007, and 2012.

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Randolph FFA

This shows the quality of many species of livestock in our area and also the skill and experience of the FFA members fitting and showing the livestock at the Minnesota State Fair! This is the news release I received form the Randolph FFA recognizing the winners in the different classes and special awards.

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Randolph FFA

Hannah Neil received the Douglas Baldwin Award which was presented to the overall show person over their FFA Career at the state fair. Hannah has shown beef and sheep for every year since 2014 except last year when there was no fair.

Randolph was the Premiere Beef Breeding chapter and the Premiere Market Lamb exhibitor as a chapter.

Randolph was the champion pen of 10 market lambs.

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Randolph FFA
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Randolph FFA

Beau Peine showed the Grand Champion Limousin heifer plus was named Supreme Champion beef female-the best of all breeds.

Hannah Neil showed the Grand Champion market lamb.

Kalie Smith showed the Grand Champion market lamb.

Alex Smith showed the Junior Champion light weight market lamb.

Taylor Jerde showed the Junior Champion pure bred holstein and the Reserve Champion Red and White cow.

Emma Smith showed the Reserve Junior Champion Limousin.

Bella Pressnall showed the Champion Herford calf.

Ryan Hegland showed the Reserve Junior Champion Red Angus.

Katie Radman showed the Reserve Champion Black Faced light weight market lamb.

Hannah Neil was the Grand Champion Advanced Sheep Show Person.

Katie Radman was the Reserve Champion Senior Show Person in goats and sheep.

Noah Qyigley was the Reserve Champion Junior Showman in both sheep and goats.

Adam Malecha placed 2nd overall in the Safe Tractor Operators Contest and with Dillon Rowan Randolph FFA was the 2nd place team in the competition.

Plus there were many first places in classes of all species.

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Randolph FFA
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Randolph FFA

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