The Annual Randolph FFA Corn drive for Camp Courage will be Tuesday November 3, 2020. It is a little later this year than in many previous years. It was postponed because of all the snow and cold temperatures. Actually many FFA Chapters in our listening area have for many decades held a Corn Drive for Camp Courage. Camp Courage is a camp for students with special needs and disabilities. Because of the support of FFA Chapters many children can have the camping experience.

Here is how a Corn Drive for Camp Courage works. FFA members take different routes around they county or school district. They drive with pick-ups pulling gravity wagons or maybe small trucks and ask farmers for some corn for Camp Courage. Then the FFA members take it to the elevator, sell it and all the money is donated to Camp Courage. In addition many farmers and others just write a check to be donated to Camp Courage as it is a great cause.

Many times a farmer ends up spilling some corn on the ground. Maybe you forgot to close the door on the semi-trailer or maybe the door on the gravity box. We all know "stuff happens" and corn can get spilled on the ground. All FFA members have shovels  along and they will clean up the spilled corn, sell it and donate the money to camp courage.

Back when I was in the FFA in the early 1970's we held Corn Drives for Camp Courage. Actually, there is a stone with a plaque on it as a Historical Marker in Freeborn that says, Welcome to Freeborn the home of the first Corn drive for Camp Courage! Yes, it was the Freeborn FFA Chapter that held the original Corn Drive for Camp Courage. Freeborn is now part of the united South Central FFA. Back in my day it was known as the Wells Easton FFA.


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