The Randolph FFA Alumni and Supporters Association will be hosting their annual Truck and Tractor Pull on Saturday August 10, 2019 next to the River Country Coop Randolph location. The truck and tractor pull begins at 10:00 am. The drivers meeting is at 9:45 am. There will be many classes of tractors and pick-ups. Tractors and pick-ups right off the farm are welcome too along with those that are modified for pulling. There are lots of bleachers there for spectators and the Rice County Pork Producers food trailer will be there grilling pork burgers.

Did you notice there was a slight name change from the Randolph FFA Alumni Association to Randolph FFA Alumni and Supporters Association? The FFA Alumni Association's name was changed at the National level. There was a lot of misunderstanding with Alumni Association. That led many to think to be a member you had to have actually been in the FFA when you were in High School. While many or most were in the FFA you do not have to be have been a member of the FFA to be a member of the FFA Alumni Association. So the words and Supporters was added.

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