Rain makes grain and more rain makes more grain. That is one of the oldest phases in the grain markets. Farmers will tell you that is not completely true but traders believe it. Friday afternoon I went out to the farm to have a look at the crops. My computer said I received 2.4 inches of rain. Rain gage reports around Faribault were around an inch. So, I was expecting to see some water ponded in low areas of fields.

Checking the rain gage at the farm it showed about 2.5 inches of rain. It is amazing that a computer and radar can measure rainfall about as accurately at a rain gage! As expected, there was some water ponded in my fields. Hopefully there will be no more rain for a few days and the water can drain away. Corn and soybeans can survive 2 or 3 days under water and then it will die.

Southern Minnesota along Interstate 90 has received a lot more frequent and heavy rains this year than around Rice County. Looking at the expanding drought monitor I guess I would choose too wet over too dry! However, there are times when more rain does not make more grain!