We got quite a bit of rain yesterday and we're supposed to get even more rain today. Unfortunately, all of this rain does impact parking at the Rice County Fair a little bit.

If you've been to the Rice County Fair before you know what the parking lot is like. It's paved to enter the fair but to get to a parking spot there's grass. With everyone driving on the grass and a bunch of rain that makes for a muddy mess in some spots.

So when you come out to the Rice County Fair and it's rained recently think about the footwear you plan on wearing. I wouldn't recommend wearing sandals because you'll have muddy feet the whole time you're at the fair. For sure some tennis shoes would be a good idea, even better would be rain boots but I'm not sure you want to walk around the fair with rain boots on.

Don't let the rain deter you from stopping by the fair though! I went to the state fair once when it was down pouring and it was still a great time, you just have to dress accordingly!


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