I’ve lived here for over a month and I’m still trying to learn the Minnesota way. I was reading online (because we know everything on the internet is 100% true 😉) that there are nine foods that every person in Minnesota have eaten in their lifetime. Let’s test and see how true this really is!

According to MPLS St.Paul Magazine, there are seven foods that make you a Minnesotan.

1. The first we have talked about a lot. HOTDISH! Yummy! The official dish of Minnesota. At least that's what natives have been telling me! According to this site, the official size for a hotdish is a 9-by-13 pan and can consist of whatever you would like,

2. Jell-O Salad finds it’s placed on this list. This is any Jell-O that’s in a Jell-O mold that has added things in it. It can be anything from fruit to marshmallows and that sort. They even say whipped cream can be added to make it taste better.

3. The famous Juicy Lucy makes the list. For those of you who don’t know, that is the famous burger that has a cheesy core center, so when you bite into it, it oozes out cheese. It sounds so amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

4. Booya, which I have never heard of in my life! The article says that it’s like “stone soup.” They say that it’s not just about the soup, it’s an event where people add to a 40-gallon soup pot. Sounds pretty good to me.

5. I love Minnesota because everyone has a sweet tooth here. Bars find themselves in the fifth spot. The article says these are any type of sweet treats that one can dream of. One of my coworkers brought bars the other day and they were really good!

6. Sweet Corn is a staple over the summer. You can find it at most fairs and I heard the Minnesota state fair is a sight to see. I can’t wait to check it out this summer.

7. Lefse is something I have never heard of. The article describes it as a potato tortilla. It sounds pretty good. They say you can eat it in many ways.

8. Spam! I was informed by a friend, that I have to go check out the Spam museum in Austin. I can say that I’ve never had spam before. The article even says that it’s either a kitchen joke or something that people really eat.

9. Wild Rice is the last thing on the list! Wild rice tastes amazing in soup and with chicken. The article says it’s a staple of every Minnesota kitchen. It can be used for many things!

So the real question… how much of a true Minnesotan are you based on your food choices? I'm not because I've only had about three things on this list!

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