Saturday late afternoon and this morning I had rain gauge reports ranging from .2 inches to 5.8 inches that we received Saturday. The best way to sum it up, have and have nots! One farmer that received almost 4 inches of rain said "this should carry me until tasseling time." Another said "I need more very soon or it may be too late." That has been the theme this year with rainfall very variable. It just seems like we have not had general widespread rains this spring and early summer!

Plus, we are moving into the summer when we see more hit and miss thunderstorms rather than widespread general rains. The question on many farmers minds that did receive nice rains, did we hurt the yield on my corn? Corn at around V 5 (5 leaf stage) is setting the number of number of rows around the ear and V 9 the length of the ear. There was a lot of corn that was under moisture stress with curling leaves at the V 5 stage. Here are the locations and rain gauge reports I received at the studio!


southside of Faribault 5.90 inches

John Webster in northwest Rice County 2.00

Art Cannon City 5.10 inches

Adrian Truckers Inn in Faribault 3.80 inches

My farm by Wells .70 inches

Jane south of Minnesota Lake .20 inches

Laura Waseca 2.60 inches

Mark southeast of Faribault 3.80 inches

Norm east side of Cannon Lake 4.00 inches

Paul from Montgomery 3.50 inches

Mark from just northwest of Nerstrand 4.70 inches

Richard just southeast of Kenyon .55 inches

Zumbrota at Central Livestock .30 inches

Rolf just west of reliance Bank in Faribault 3.00

Dick from east Walcott Township southeast of Faribault 4.40 inches

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