It has been very dry this spring so everyone was hoping for a rain. It was quite a relief when it began raining last last week. Pretty much everyone received at least an inch to almost two inches. Sunday morning I went out to the farm hoping to spray beans. Earlier that morning we received .1 inches of rain so I waited until late Sunday morning to begin spraying the beans. About mid-afternoon it sure looked like it was going to rain but the shower slid just to the north and west of my farms.

I kept spraying all afternoon and was surprised when Louise said there was some pretty heavy rain in Faribault. This morning when listeners called in with rain gauge reports I found out there was really heavy downpours in parts of our listening area. here are the rain gauge reports:

Adrian by Truckers Inn in Faribault 1.9 inches

Mark just southeast of Faribault .5 inches

Mark just northwest of Nerstrand 1.8 inches

Mark said he heard from farmers just south of Nerstrand just over 4 inches

Richard just south of Kenyon 1.35 inches

Herb Roberts Lake BLVD 2.69 inches

Rolf just west of Reliance Bank in Faribault 1.5 inches

Jerry's farm by Wells .46 inches

Dick from eastern Walcott township southeast of Faribault always calls in and I did not hear from him. Finally later this morning he called and said he did not call earlier because it did not rain at his farm! I also heard from my fieldman with Birds-Eye-Foods at Waseca. I am supposed to plant sweet corn as soon as possible. He said by Albert Lea there were reports of 6 inches!

So, that is enough rain now, for maybe a couple weeks! I know very soon dairymen will be planning on cutting the first crop of hay so they are hoping of warm sunshine too!

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