Around Rice County there were reports of around .5 inches or a little less. But there were some areas of Minnesota that still missed the rains. Bob Worth is a corn and soybean grower in Southwestern Minnesota on the Buffalo Ridge. Bob has been very involved with the Minnesota Soybean Growers so I have known Bob for many years. I called Bob Tuesday morning and he said they received .08 inches. The crop is still holding on but they desperately need rain as the corn approaches silking and tasseling.

Here are the rain gauge reports that were called in Tuesday (July 6) morning.

Mark just southeast of Faribault .3 inches

Norm East side of Cannon Lake .4 inches

Paul Roberts Lake 1.1 inches

Paul Montgomery 1.00 inches

Art Cannon City .3

Frank southwest side of Faribault .3 inches

Mark just northwest of Nerstrand .55 inches

Dick east side of Walcott Township Rice County .5 inches

Richard just southeast of Kenyon .3 inches

Tom 5 miles north of Faribault .79 inches

Jerry's farm by Wells 2.5 inches

Larry Waseca 1.00 inches

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