Farmers that received rain on Sunday were very thankful I am sure. There were many rain gauge reports called into KDHL studios of around half an inch. However, there were some of .1 inches and others with no rainfall at all. There was also a report from just northeast of Owatonna where Bob said they received 2.5 inches. For farmers that received a half an inch at least it reduced the moisture stress and bought us more time! There is a pretty good chance of more rain Thursday.

For the last week or more when I went out to the farm you just did not want to look at the corn. By the afternoon the corn leaves were rolled up as the plant was trying to conserve moisture. I am sure shortly after the rain the leaves opened up and it looked normal. I think the rain was in time and if we continue to receive more rain I can still have a very good corn and soybean crop. However, lighter textured sandy soils or the eroded hills the corn is hurt badly or even dead already.

Here are the rain gauge reports called into KDHL studios this morning and their locations.

Mark just southeast of Faribault .6 inches

Norm east end of Cannon Lake .2 inches

Adrian by Truckers Inn in Faribault .37 inches

Mark just northwest of Nerstrand .5 inches

Richard just southeast of Kenyon .6 inches

Dick eastern Walcott township in Rice County .55 inches

Bob Merton township just northeast of Owatonna 2.5 inches

Tom 4 miles north of Faribault .1 inches

Herb Roberts Lake Blvd .28

Rolf just west of Reliance Bank in Faribault .3 inches

John northwest Rice County by Webster 0 inches

Jerry Madison Lake .1 inches

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