Only about .2 inches of rain fell in the Faribault area yesterday afternoon and evening. It was not enough but as one farmer said, "some is better than none." Dick called in from just southeast of Faribault in Walcott township and they received .35 inches! All the other reports I had were at .2 inches except on my farm in South Central Minnesota where the computer said I only received .1 inches. I guess they must be living right just southeast of Faribault to receive such a nice rain.

Speaking of living right, I guess you could include southeast Minnesota too. I heard Winona received around 2 inches and Rochester had a nice rain too. So, even a couple tenths of rain is a start here. I have seen this many times. With the landscape so dry and low humidity low it is tough for a rain to develop. So, it is encouraging that at least we received some rain. Like another retired farmer told me this morning, "maybe we primed the pump."

11 of the Most Devastating Weather Disasters in Minnesota Throughout The Years

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