I know it is harvest time but still it was nice to see the rain Sunday night for a couple reasons. Most farmers got back harvesting beans about 8 days ago and everyone has been pushing hard since then. Many farmers if they finished beans changed over and went right at the corn. Now having a couple days to get caught up on some sleep and do a little maintenance would be good!

Adrian called this morning and he said by the Truckers Inn in Faribault they had 2.4 inches. Mark by Nerstrand reported 1.6 inches, Richard from just southeast of Kenyon had 1.1 inches in his rain gauge this morning. Dick just southeast of Faribault has 1.6 inches in his gauge. The computer said out to my farm by wells we received .76 inches of rain. Finally, Herb from Faribault had 1.92 inches last night. I don't remember the last time we had a good rain but it was quite a while ago so this moisture will soak into the soil very quickly.

This rain will also help with the fall tillage. I talked to a couple farmers who were chisel plowing bean ground and they said the soil was very hard. This rain will loosen up the soil and save a lot of diesel fuel!

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