There have been a lot of questions about the new Dicambia label. Remember the EPA did reclassify Dicambia to a restricted use pesticide. That means you now need a private pesticide applicator license to purchase Dicambia for use in soybeans. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture also added some restrictions. In Minnesota Dicambia cannot be applied to soybeans after June 20th. In addition if the temperature is above 85 degrees Dicambia can't be sprayed on soybeans.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture added one more restriction for Minnesota. If you are actually spraying Dicambia on soybeans you have to go through an additional couple hour training program. Those educational or training programs will be taught by the companies manufacturing Dicambia, Monsanto, BASF and DuPont. It is similar to an endorsement to your Private Pesticide Applicator license.

After the training program I suspect you will get some type of certificate and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture will keep a log of those that went to the training program. However, you do not need the training program or a private pesticide applicator license to purchase or plant Dicambia beans.

I will be planting Dicambia beans this year. I may not spray them with Dicambia but I want that tool in my pocket if I need it. My private pesticide applicator license is current so I will just need to attend the special Dicambia training session. The other alternative would be hire a certified custom applicator to do it for me.