It is always fun to have Kelly from Community Coop Oil Association in Faribault on the Birthday Club. Community Coop Oil Association sponsors the Birthday Club every Thursday. Yes, it is fun to have Kelly on the air even if she does pick on me! Totally underserved of course! Yesterday we were talking about booking or contracting propane for corn drying this fall and to keep barns, homes and shops warm this winter. There was some confusion about what Kelly said or meant about contracting propane.

Kelly said today was the last day to contract propene for this fall and winter. That was partly correct. It was the last day for contracting at a certain price for this time period. The next time period begins Monday. It might be at the same price, maybe lower, maybe higher. Of course check with Community Coop Oil Association in Faribault for the current price for what ever period you will need the propane. You can book or contract propane all year around at Community Coop Oil Association.

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