Farmers that apply herbicides need a Private Pesticide Applicator license if any of the herbicides they are using are classified as Restricted Use Pesticides. However, many common herbicides like Round-Up are not Restricted Use. But, herbicides many farmers use like Atrazine and Dicamba are Restricted Use pesticides. That means they need a Private Pesticide Applicator license from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Every three years the license must be renewed.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the process of will be different this year. In past years if you attended one of the workshops presented by the University of Minnesota Extension service you would be recertified for another three years. You did not even have to take a test. Plus, they worked in a lot of agronomic information in addition to what was required by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

This year instead of the in person workshops you can attend a live Zoom webinar. Your second option is a "self paced" online course similar to the Zoom webinar. Your final option is t0 pick up a Private Pesticide Applicator manual from your local extension office for $10 and fill out the test or take the test online. Remember, if your Private Pesticide Applicator license has expired or you have never had one then your only option is to take the mail in or online test.

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