Last week I had an appointment at Wholesale Tire in Faribault to get my grain truck and trailer serviced. It is no secret I am rather "frugal" but sometimes you have to spend some money, especially when it comes to preventative maintenance. In the picture is Austin working on my truck. Austin said it is much easier to service a truck with a hood that tilts forward rather than like a car that hinges in the back.

Austin changed the oil, greased the chassis and the grain box hoist. In addition he checked the bearings in the trailer and adjusted the brakes. Routine maintenance like this farmers usually do themselves. However, I am pretty busy at KDHL so I hire a professional. In the same way I have Dr. Bill with Kibble Equipment in Owatonna check over the combine. If bearings or belts need to be replaced I would rather pay to have it done now rather than when I should be harvesting beans!

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