Another one of the top topics of discussion at the Minnesota Farmers Union and Minnesota Farm Bureau state conventions was tariffs and the trade war with China. I have asked numerous "experts" if any other industry has been hurt as much as agriculture and farmers? The answers I have gotten, I am not qualified to answer that question or, none that I know of.

Later on last week all at ounce beans were up double digits and hogs locked limit up. When I went on the air with the 11:15 market report I asked Gordy what news there was made corn and beans trade sharply higher. Gordy said all we can find for news is President Trump tweeted that the talks with China were going very well. I believe that was the second time that a tweet from President Trump moved the markets higher.

Many times President Trump sends out a tweet and I think, I wish he would stop some of those tweets. However, I hope he keeps tweeting about China talks going well!

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