The wait in line for your turn at the porta-potty could be even longer than usual this summer in Minnesota.

The pandemic even affected porta-potty companies

We've all been in situations at concerts, festivals or fairs here in Minnesota where the line for the porta-potty was pretty long, right? Well, here's some bad news that could make your wait even longer in the Land of 10,000 Lakes this year-- and not just if you have to go.

According to this CNN Business story from earlier this year, much like everything else, production of those familiar, plastic porta-potties has been impacted by the pandemic-- and it could cause possible shortages across the country this summer, perhaps even here in Minnesota.

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CNN described it like this:

Portable toilet makers are facing a double whammy of high demand and supply chain issues that are making it difficult, and more expensive, to get the raw materials they need. Throw in high demand for workers and truck drivers and you've got a recipe for a challenging environment.

That's the word from John Babcock, president of Satellite Industries, which is a leading producer of portable toilets, restroom trailers and other related supplies, CNN Business noted.

But now demand for porta-potties is picking up

The story noted that companies that manufacture portable toilet facilities, like Satellite Industries, were initially hurt by the shutdowns caused by the pandemic last year, mainly because just about every major concert event that would use their product was canceled. But, they've found demand increasing faster than they can keep up with so far this year.

That's in part because business picked up last year after their porta-potties were used last year at many COVID testing sites, and now that things are opening back up-- with concerts, fairs and festivals all coming back this summer-- keeping up with demand is proving to be a challenge, according to this News4Jax story.

So how long will you have to wait in line?

The good news, the stories said, is that they ARE keeping up with orders at festivals, fairs and concerts-- many of which are scheduled for later this summer, like here in Minnesota-- but it may take those venues a little longer for their customers to receive their new orders. Which gives new meaning to the phrase, waiting for a porta-potty.

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