Pork Congress 2018 officially ended at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon. It is amazing how quickly exhibitors can get their displays packed up and moved out. Even the business with equipment get loaded up quickly. They have fork lifts available to help with the moving and loading. I am quite certain someone pays for the fork lifts but it sure makes it easy for exhibitors. Many of the exhibitors were in Sioux Falls last week for South Dakota's Pork Congress and next week they will be at Iowa Pork Congress.

There is another company not associated with the Minneapolis Convention center that sets up all the booths at Pork Congress. They put up all the poles, skirting, tables chairs and lay down all the carpet. When Pork Congress is over they pack it all up and take it back to their warehouse and get it ready for their next event. I am sure they will be very busy with all the events associated with the big game coming up in Minneapolis!

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