To be honest. I'm not one for a ton of travel by myself.  Some road trips can be fun, but not for a super long way.  Mostly that's for safety reasons.  Always good to have a travel partner whether driving, or any other modes of travel.  I figure if there is more than one of you, you can look after each other and make sure everything that you encounter is low on the sketchy scale.

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Plus, it's more fun to have someone to experience new things with.  But some people do prefer to do things by themselves.  There is also the "bucket list" item that many people have that is "travel by yourself". That could be as a road trip, to a foreign country or just more than just travelling within the state that you live.

But with that said about only travelling within the state that you live, Minnesota has one of the top ranked cities for solo travel.  And they do explain why - because the city that they claim is one of the best for this activity might bring along some controversy.

Minneapolis has been named by Travel and Leisure magazine as one of the best cities for solo travel. Here's why:

It's been said that one can hardly be called an architect if they haven't designed something in Minneapolis — the city showcases work from Jean Nouvel, Herzog & de Meuron, César Pelli, and Frank Gehry, among others. The city's love of design is also noticeable in the hotel scene, where sophistication meets Midwestern hospitality. So, while it's perfectly acceptable to wander through the city looking up, you don't want to miss a cruise on one of the famous bike paths, which wind past lakes that are perfect for a dip in the summertime.

It's great to check out the artsy areas in the Twin Cities.  I'm all for checking out the Walker Art museum, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, or any museum for that matter.  And by the way, checking out a museum is great to do by yourself.  But apparently, there are several other reasons to travel around Minneapolis alone too... personally I would say during the day.  But that's just me.

Here is a list of the other cities in the United States that are worth checking out on a solo vacation or getaway.

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