Looking for something fun to do in Minnesota?  There's a huge list of 50 Minnesota Bucket List spots to check out below that will keep you busy all summer.  But if you are looking for something fun to do right now, a popular toy store in Southeast Minnesota just added an adorable new perk!

Popular Toy Store in Southeast Minnesota Has a New Llama!

A must-stop for every family in Minnesota is Lark Toys near Wabasha, Minnesota.  They've been voted one of the top 10 best toy stores in the world as well as one of the world's greatest toy stores.

Not only does Lark Toys have rooms and rooms of amazing toys and a hand-carved carousel but it also has great treats for everyone to enjoy.  But, one of my favorite parts of Lark Toys is what is outside the Candy Store - the llamas!  And today, there is one new llama for you to meet.

"And her name is Gloria! We are delighted to welcome this sweet llama to our little herd at LARK Toys. From Rose Creek, MN, she is 2 years old and adding new pleasure to our friendship with llamas. (We always name llamas after authors or literary characters we admire. Gloria is for Gloria Steinem and also for the little sister of Frances the badger, in A Birthday for Frances and other Frances stories. Anyone remember the Chompo bar?)" - Lark Toys Facebook Page

Directions and More Info About Lark Toys in Southeast Minnesota

You can find Lark Toys at the following locations:

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