There are a ton of jokes about drinking in Fargo. Most of 'em are based on the idea there's nothing to do in the winters, which isn't true. There's TV, talking, smooching, and a boatload of hockey. See? Jokes. But a Fargo school bus driver did nothing funny when he scared kids as he allegedly drove drunk.

Last Monday, 71-year-old bus driver Bruce Arnold Tweed (from West Fargo) was driving for Shanley (part of the Fargo Catholic Schools). When he arrived at the high school, he arrested on suspected DUI. As a commercial driver, the legal limit is 0.04 percent. Tweed blew a .12. The bus company says he's not driving anymore, and his employment will depend on the court case.

How'd the police find out? Someone dropped a dime and let 'em know the bus was swerving all over the road with children running in the aisles.

According to the Fargo Forum, the head of Valley Bus (contracted by Shanley) said,

"He's been a good employee...It's sad for him, personally. It's sad for Shanley — because they're embarrassed. It's sad for Valley Bus...We've got a substantial set of procedures to screen out and screen for events like this, but it's troubling that it doesn't catch every single thing..."

A friend of mine in Fargo tells me parents know it is an isolated case, but that doesn't stop them from worrying.

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